Dear Crew Member:

Thank you for contacting LaCasse Maritime for employment opportunities. In order for us to supply service to you, we will need the following:

  • Fill out the online registration form for your specific position.
  • Supply us with a resume in a Word.Doc format.
  • Supply us with a photo of yourself in JPEG or GIF format.
  • Supply us with three professional references that we may contact. It is important that the contact info is current.
  • Any licenses, certificates, etc.... that are applicable.
  • If you are a chef please provide a 7-day menu plan. If you have food photos, please send no more than three.

It is extremely important that your application information and resume be as accurate and current as possible. A more complete application will result in a better chance of getting a position.

Please note that resumes and photos are often sent to prospective employers. Your photograph should include just your head and shoulders, you should be smiling, your appearance and dress should be professional, and you should not be wearing a hat. Your chances of getting a position are greatly increased if you follow these guidelines.

Required application information is marked with an asterisk (*).

While you are looking for a position, it is to your advantage to provide updated information to LaCasse every three months because crew with current information are more likely to be placed. Choose a LaCasse login id and password in order to update your information on our Crew Check-in web site. You can change your contact information, your location, your licenses and qualifications, and you can send notes to the LaCasse Crew Placement Team. Choosing a login and password is not required to submit an application.

If you are on the West Coast or in the Seattle area, please call for an interview, however, if you cannot inteview with us, it will not prohibit you from getting a position.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the numbers provided below.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

LaCasse Maritime, Inc.

  • 206.545.2201 - Seattle Office
  • 206.260.3821 - Seattle Fax

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