Small Planet Adventures supplies global custom itineraries specializing in the whole of the Pacific area, including Alaska, the South Pacific, as well as the Northwest Passage, Mexico and Central America. Here are descriptions of just a few of our specialties:


Small Planet’s Alaska offers visiting yachts a truly unique visit to this remarkable place, taking you to little known anchorages and custom shore excursions, from ice hiking and river rafting to whale and bear viewing and high mountain lake fishing. We pioneered small ship cruising here and know the out of the way anchorages and routes the other guys haven’t discovered yet. And our connections to the research community make for exceptional and educational wildlife encounters. Alaska is truly a place you must experience, the glaciers, the wildlife, the mountains, the quality of light, the native culture, we customize your experience to your interests and will make this the trip of a lifetime, it has to be seen to be believed.


Inside Passage Ketchikan to Seattle

A voyage through the Canadian Inside Passage is a natural add on after (or enroute to) Alaska. There are great opportunities for wildlife viewing, cultural experiences, and almost limitless recreational activities. There are marine mammals of many types, including Humpback Whales and Killer Whales. Located in the northern section of the passage is the Great Bear Rainforest. This special area contains a unique sub-species of black bear called a Kermode, or Spirit Bear. It is also home to grizzly bears and black bears, which thrive in the watersheds and are often, seen foraging along the shoreline. It is also an area famous for fishing. World-class halibut and King Salmon fishing are found here. Investigating the cultural centers provides a rich and varied experience. Modern towns and cities, resort lodges and spas, and First Nations villages are found along the Inside Passage. It is a remarkable experience to travel through the deep fjords and intimate waterways of British Columbia. Throughout the voyage you are surrounded by high coastal mountains and deep, impressive forests, a voyage not to be missed.


Columbia/Snake Rivers

Sail in the wake of the Lewis and Clark Expedition into the American West on a trip that explores human and natural history, a trip through time itself. Explore the many diverse facets of the region; the incredible Bretz Flood geology, the vast native and ancient human history, the Bonneville Power Administration and their plans to transform the West, the salmon reclamation efforts, the Hanford Reservation story, the new Oregon and Washington wine country and more, all from the comfort of your yacht.

Experience the rivers completely through our unique side tours and by transiting through eight mammoth locks and dams (four on the Columbia and four on the Snake). Meet wine makers and taste wine from the barrel in Washington’s wine country. We will bring aboard local historians and experts and craft the trip according to the whims and interests of the guests as we travel from the ocean to the inland port of Lewiston, Idaho, and then we can continue even further by chartered jet boat into the Snake River Canyon with it’s desertscapes and ancient pictographs. Then on the downstream leg we can concentrate on shadowing Lewis and Clark’s journey. This is an undiscovered destination for most cruising yachts, but won’t remain that way for long.



A vast, ancient, and enchanting sea immortalized by Steinbeck’s "Log from the Sea of Cortez" begins just a 100 miles south of the border, but who’s wonders are worlds away from anything you’ve experienced. Secluded beaches and desertscapes that defy description, world-class fishing and visits to villages unique to Small Planet, with shore excursions that range from private mule pack trips to exploring ancient cave paintings. This is home to 900 species of fish, one-third of the world's species of whales and dolphins, hundreds of varieties of birds, and thousands of species of marine animals. The ocean is alive here with whale sharks and huge schools of dolphins. We have seen more different species of whales here at one time, including the mammoth blue whales, than anywhere else on earth. We customize your trip around your interests, from luxury resorts to lonely beaches.



Throughout your inter-island experience, our cruise will seek out an earlier Hawaii, of graceful cultural traditions and pristine natural beauty. We have a unique group of local experts to share their knowledge, world-renown whale experts and historians. We'll seek out private visits that embody the Hawaii Aloha Spirit, and partake of the more adventurous hiking and waterborne opportunities. Our intimate knowledge and unique cultural connections allow us to offer glimpses of the authentic Hawaii, as well as the best in waterborne and land based activities. From luxury resort visits to swimming with manta rays to world-class golf to private access to sacred sites, we can customize your Aloha experience like no one else.


NW Passage

Small planet has partnered with the premier marine operations company specializing in remote area operations and project management in the Canadian high arctic to offer complete itinerary planning and logistics for Vessels transiting the N.W. Passage.

We are partnering with the leader in Canadian Arctic adventure with decades of knowledge. They have permits to go where no other company can.

From untouched thousand year-old Thule village sites to the jaw-dropping animal encounters of Lancaster Sound, Baffin Island, Ellesmere Island and Creswell Bay.

Historical locations such as Beechey Island (wintering location for ships involved the search for the Franklin expedition), the wreck of the Bredalbane, and ancient pre-Dorset sites are all options for Yachts and vessels on this voyage.


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